HouseHouse Blessing

Ministers are often asked about blessing a home. Often friends or family will ask for blessings and it is always good practice to take part in house blessing. It is a special opportunity and great feeling that is created by the actions of a blessing.

There are many ways to create a blessed house filled with good energy and positivity.

  • Invite friends and family to the home to take part in the special occasion.
  • Determine your goals for the blessing prior to the ceremony.
  • Set a positive tone - have everyone stand in a certain way - either a circle or your choosing.
  • Light a pink candle for energy of love and kindness.
  • Pass the candle around to each individual person so they may share a blessing.
  • Determine different intentions for different rooms - to add different positive energies for different areas of the house.

A blessed house is a happy house filled with joy.