WineWine Ceremony

A wine ceremony is a way to express your Love. The a well-thought-out unity ceremony will symbolize the fuller meaning of the union of marriage. It is a tangible demonstration of an event that is shared by all and offers an expression of the union by all participants. There are many forms of expression, but no ceremony is as rich with symbolism and as universally understood as a wine ceremony.

Wine and glass set for the unity wine ceremony
You begin together by selecting an appropriate wines. Make the wines as memorable to you as your special song. The selection can be serious (to balance the bitter and sweet aspects of life) or more light and playful. You could look for wines that express how you see each other. You could also choose wines with descriptions that could just as easily describe you as the wine inside the bottle. Tart, full-bodied, nutty, seductive, or presumptuous might sound like you or someone you know!

There are many forms a wine ceremony can take. It can incorporate the two families, bringing them together through the union of the couple. It can include friends as well, making the ceremony a more community event.  However, in its simplest form, it is all about the two individuals who are coming together.

Couples take turns pouring their unity wine.

  • It begins with the selection of two wines that are representative of the couple.
  • Then, each wine is poured into its own carafe.
  • During the ceremony, the bride and groom will pour the wine from their individual carafe into a single glass.
  • Finally, the couple will each drink from this single glass, savoring the new wine that was made.

This symbolizes the blending of their lives, with all of their qualities and characteristics, into a new life together. Their life together will be blended, inseparable, flavored by each other, and unique to who they are. Like the wine they drink, their lives will be a blend unique to the experience and qualities that come together in marriage. Lives will be poured into one another. The ceremony is a beautiful expression of this. The wine is something to be savored.

Bride and groom share a drink from the unity wine glass
The taste and smell of the wine will linger in their memories. It will be called to mind each time a glass of wine is shared. The sharing of wine can become an anniversary tradition - a reminder of the first taste of love.

As a keepsake, consider saving the same two wines and glassware used in the ceremony in a special box that can be used on anniversaries.
Maybe the wine ceremony could become your “kiss and make up” tradition.